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The Influence Me Institute (IMI) is performance-driven. We are a boutique consulting firm composed of multi-disciplinary professionals whose passion it is to assist clients in collaboratively targeting the needs of their consumer base and implement strategies utilizing key research, data metrics as well as biblical principles and practices.  IMI offers consulting services to both organizations and individuals. 

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Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas is a highly influential Pastor, Keynote Speaker, and Financial Markets Instructor with over 25 years of ministerial and business experience. Eric has conducted Financial Trainings all over the country and performed roles such as Radio/TV Host & Special Contributor as well as Brand Evangelist/Spokesperson.

Angela Moten

Angela has worked in the Technology, Financial, & Marketing industries for the last 22 years. Her specialties include Digital Content Creation, Leadership Development, Cloud Computing, Financial Services Technology, and Data Administration. She loves brainstorming with individuals and exposing the benefits of Big Data for making Big Decisions in their business.

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Eric Johnson
Research Management

Eric L. Johnson is the Senior Pastor of Greater Love Church of God in  Christ. He has worked in the business and legal fields as a research professional for many years and is currently the President of Ensample Ministries, a non-profit in the Tallahassee, FL area.

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